Less than 7 days !

Hello world! Happy Tuesday!  It’s already been a crazy week, and there’s more to come! Alright well first things first I have a confession: I didn’t run Saturday, Sunday, or Monday…ahh! Although I ran today! A good long run for the time I missed! Also on Saturday I did go to the wonderful park and walked 2 miles (so that has to count for something) 


Next Monday I begin my official training for the marathon!! (It’s scary yet exciting at the same time!) From there I will be training off a schedule the half-marathon gave me ! And here’s how it goes…

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen
Tuesday: Mile(s) run (varies from week to week)
Wednesday: Timed run (varies)
Thursday: Rest (My day off, switched a little of the schedule)
Friday: Mile(s) run + strengthen
Saturday: BIG RUN DAY ! (varies with miles)
Sunday:  Mile(s) run



How fun! And of course those days (if I have the time) I will be posting what I did! 


I am not running a half-marathon to lose weight, BUT it will be interesting to see how much “extra fat” falls off me from running. I know I’ve already lost a bit, and it will be amusing to see how running builds muscle and burns fat! 

Less than 13 Weeks until the marathon!!


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