Tuesday work out tidbit!

Like I said, I will be posting work outs/Intervals on Tuesdays. Because I did a rowing work out today, I’ll give you a few examples. 

Here is one that was famous at my rowing club. It’s called the dirty dozen. (More like hell on earth…Kidding!)

Basically after you get the erging technique down, you can set the machine to Intervals;Distance.

  • If you want to end up with a 3K, set Distance to 250 meters with a 20-30 second rest. 
  • If you want to have end up erging a 6K set Distance to 500 meters with a 30-45 second rest. 
  • After this is set, you will do this twelve times…thus why it’s called the dirty dozen…

These Intervals are not a stroll in the park. They are meant to be fast sprints with a strong drive. It is tiring towards the end, but accomplishing when it’s over. 

What I recommend…

  •  In-between intervals bring the stroke rate down. The erg will not keep track because this is your rest time, but it will help when you start up again. You want to pick pressure up at :10 seconds left.
  • If you need to take a breather, DO IT! Unstrap yourself from the machine, move your legs, and take a sip of water…I know it’s dirty and difficult! 
  • It helps when I count to ten each stroke. If you are doing the 500meters DD, when it’s 400M you can start counting  (or counting down) to ten. This is called the FINAL FORTY. 
  • The erg counts the intervals for you, so on the last interval beast it out and give it all you got.
  • Don’t go crazy on your first interval. You will FLY AND DIE. Not literally…it’s just a term rowers use when you go to fast too soon. 

So there you have it…attached is rowing articles about technique and facts. Click below on links.

 Why you must always sprint 

Rowing VS Running

Rowing Machine Workout

Why Rowing is Great


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