Mixing it Up

Oh my, do I have a lot to post today! Today after my long four classes in a row(yuck) I still had the motivation to work out at the rec (ha!). Anyway, instead of running everyday to train I mixed my routine up with some good old erging. What is erging you ask!? Good question…

Answer (1): In other words a rowing machine (brands: concept rowing, concept 2, bodycraft, lifecore). If you go to the gym often you will probably see it collecting dust in a corner…Why’s that? you ask?! 

Answer (2):  I hate to be a debbie downer, but most people don’t know how to use it properly…and when they do, they’re usually doing it wrong. (And it drives me nuts!) 

Before I go any further into rowing machines, here’s the pictures I took today…

For those of you who don’t know…this is a rowing machine. 

Here is one of the intervals I completed. Ten 100 meter sprints, and if you look at my split time…I didn’t do so hot. But hey, it’s my first time back on a rowing machine since last spring!!! 

Last but not least I just wanted to welcome back my blisters and calluses, Oh how I missed you!  

Without any further to do, I would like to dedicate today to how to work a rowing machine properly…so you I don’t have to shake my head when I see you at the gym. (:


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