Day One, Spring Semester

Alright day one of marathon training in college has been completed! That’s me above…all sweaty! Yay! (: 

Today I ran at my University’s rec center with a couple of brothers from my co-ed fraternity! We ran about 2.2 miles in 22:35 minutes! But who cares about time anyway?! Right now I’m trying to focus on what my strength and weakness are when running. I believe it is important to find weaknesses early on and correct them as time goes by. For everyone else who is training for a race or a goal should figure these out too! Then write at least three down! 


  1. Posture 
  2. Breathing technique (As an asthmatic this is important for me) 
  3. Running beat (Find a rhythm that works for you)


  1. Water intake: Today, I had to stop for a lap because my side cramped up! I definitely know this was from water intake, I hadn’t drank enough before running!
  2. Stretching: After running two miles, we ran into another brother at the rec. I completely forget to stretch/cool down after! This is important to always do after a workout! 
  3. Nutrition: Honestly as a college student my eating schedule is screwed up…which can have an effect on my performance. Tonight I will have a plan so I’m not hungry when I run!!! 

So…I definitely have a few things to improve on, which is okay! It will help me get to where I need to go. 

(Note: Anyone who is training or just beginning to run for the first time, keep in mind this is not my first time running. I began training the end of December so I am a little up to speed on my miles. Don’t worry everyone will get there!!) 

College Students: IMPORTANT

I forgot to make this point last night while creating my first posts. 

  • First off, I know how hard it is to plan around work, school, and sleep schedules. Trust me…my schedule is hectic this semester and I don’t plan on getting up at 6 to train! 
  • Second, this blog is to inspire all college students (or non-college students) to realize anything is possible if you really put you’re heart in it. If you want it to work, you can make it work. 
  • Third, while posting my blogs I will be exercising at all different times of the day because of how my schedule is! Some days I might not post until midnight or the day after, I apologize! 

Anyway…to end this I would also like to add every day of the week I’ll put some type of workout up! Or something I did! (: 

Have a great Monday! 


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