Before we begin…

Here’s a little you should know about me. 

Throughout my high school career I was a rower. I loved to be out on the water and even on the erg (rowing machine). When it ended it was bittersweet, and the college I would attend in the fall didn’t have a rowing club. 

Therefore, when fall semester came around I decided I needed to stay in shape and be healthy. It didn’t play out as planned though. I loved running and aerobics, but with my schedule, relationship, and volunteer events (I love to volunteer) I barely had the time to exercise. 

So at the end of a hectic/stressful fall many things were falling apart as others came together. I ended my long-term HS relationship, became a member of a service co-ed fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega, and rekindle my relationship with many of my awesome friends. Then in December, my cousins (who have ran the Chicago marathon) asked me to run a local half-marathon with them. Immediately I said yes. 

Now here we are at the beginning of my Spring Semester. 

In this blog…

I will be posting my progress as a half-marathon trainer 

-Re-posting and blogging many workouts and quotes I’ve found on other sites

-Posting anything else I feel is relevant to this blog(: 



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