Training Blues.

This post is going to be kind of long tonight, considering I haven’t posted any content since January.

First things first: I’ve been busy. Extremely busy. With that being said I put my blog on the back burner for a few months. I needed to focus more on school, work, training, and all other life related events.

Second: Let’s talk about my training for my fourth half-marathon.

I’m going to start this out by saying the word…difficult.  This is the first time I’ve had an extreme amount of trouble training for a half-marathon. Not only because my schedule has been busy, but because of my own health and Ohio’s INSANE winter. A good chunk of January, and a little into February I was sick with multiple different viruses. [Bronchitis, cold, flu you name it...I had it.] Unfortunately, this put a hold on a good chunk of my training January-February. Although when I was well enough to run, it was on the treadmill.

Which leads me to my third topic: The DREADmill. 

dreadmill[Image found on Pinterest] 

This winter, I got to know the treadmill a little too well. But for most of January-March the treadmill was the only option. Winter has been brutal this year…for everyone. (I know I’m not the only runner who feels this way and I hope we can all vent back and forth about ice and snow.) Anyway since I’ve gotten to know the treadmill waaaayyy to well this winter, there’s one thing I’d like to tell it: See you in late late late December.
I can’t say I completely hate the treadmill,  but I can’t say I love it either. Using the treadmill for so long, has truly caused so much pain in my shins! Today I had to get off at .3 miles because my left shin was in so much pain. Not only was I frustrated, I was embarrassed. My 3 miles I planned to run, turned into a half hour ride on the stationary bike. Therefore I decided after today’s catastrophe…I quit. I’m giving up on the Treadmill  until there’s extreme ice and snow on the ground again. Luckily, it looks like Ohio is finally warming up. FINALLY! No more below freezing temperatures or icy conditions that will keep me inside this spring! I’m so done with being in a gym! Unless it’s below 20 degrees, you’re about to see my butt out on the road training.

Therefore, that last sentence brings me to my final topic: Half-Marathon Emotions. 


There is exactly one month until the race. And how do I feel? Scared. I’ve barely gotten any good long runs in and I wanted to PR this half. So far, (as you can tell) my training hasn’t gone smoothly. Because of this, it’s been hard for me to stay motivated and inspired. So I’ll fully admit I’m a bit scared to run in it. I’m not afraid I won’t finish, but I am afraid that I won’t finish strong.  Although, I’m aware that I still have one full month of training left. I still have a little bit of a chance of turning my training around. So here’s to one more month of training!
[Also, I'm asking for some motivation! I'm going to need it! Comment below, Thank you!!]

Now I’ll end this post with my April Training Schedule. Here’s to run-able weather!




Hello everyone!

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to sit down and write a good post. But I did have time to make my March training schedule! And I do have time to share it with you(:

But I’ll have to admit. It’s a little different from my past training schedules. This is mainly because I’m so busy in March, a lot of my long runs have to be in the middle of the week.

marchHere’s to another crazy busy month!


It’s time to begin isn’t it? (Round 2)

Happy Friday!

I have begun my weekend by officially registering for my first half-marathon of the year!

It will be my second year in a row running this half-marathon and I am so ready to conquer every mile.

Last year at this time, I was training to run my first 13.1 miles ever. Now with three-half marathons under my belt, I will be training for my PR. Last years race time was 2:16:41. This year, I plan on running the race in under 2:10.

My PR training was meant to kick off in January, but because I was sick for half of the month…I’ll be re-starting my  “official training” in February. Which begins tomorrow with a four mile run! :D

Here’s to a wonderful start of PR training!

Let’s flashback Friday to my first half-marathon(:





Gain the Freshman Fifteen, or can I Eat Clean?


This is a wonderful post about how to stay fit in college, must read!

Originally posted on Health Advocation:

As I’ve begun my second semester at Indiana University, I’ve realized there are so many misconceptions of the health of students in college life. The “Freshman Fifteen”is quite a funny myth. From dining courts to vending machines to restaurants and convenient stores, there is certainly an easy way to eat clean and healthy. So how do I do it?



1. Salad Bars- I think my favorite thing about the food courts would have to be the easy access to unlimited amounts of salad and fresh ingredients available everyday.I love making salads at home, but sometimes it takes a lot of work to get all the ingredients prepared and ready for the week. Anyways, I get a salad at least once a day and they just weigh them and you’re ready to go!

2. Convenient stores- From oatmeal, to fresh fruit, trail mixes, yogurt, healthy choice meals, hard…

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Reasons why I Run…

This is a new twist to my blog, that I’m hoping will work. I want to post a forum weekly about why all of you viewers choose to live a fit life. I want to share YOUR story on my blog for motivation and inspiration. It doesn’t have to be about running, but it does have to be about a healthy lifestyle. And of course, it can be anonymous. So let me ask my first question….

What are some reasons why you run?  

Sneak Peak Sunday

Welcome to the beginning of a new and wonderful week everyone! Can you believe January is almost over?

Which means….my February running schedule will be  up in a few days! Here’s a sneak peek….



I’ve decided with my monthly running schedules, I’ll be putting a quote at the bottom of each one. This quote begins with “Run like you’re falling madly in love” …why?
Because Valentine’s Day is this month duh!
…oh and my birthday(:
So in February for whatever you may  be training for…run for something or someone and love every moment of it!